Topic 2 – Digital Identities – Digital Native or Digital Immigrant?

2 October 2014
Image source: Tony Gurr’s Blog:  AllThingsLearning 
Digital Immigrant or Digital Native?

Digital Native vs Digital Immigrant

I am considered a Digital Immigrant (Prensky, 2001). I was born in 1961  and began my schooling in 1967. I was not exposed to any type of technology. However, move along several years to the early 1990’s where I had to train in office work using computers, to re-enter the workforce.

It was not long before I became the technical specialist in my office and staff were coming to me for advice and assistance. Digital Immigrant or not, I took to technology like a duck to water and have not looked back since.

This week’s topic looked at Digital Identities and asked us to explore our Digital Footprint. When searching my name, it was interesting to find there was a very prominent American athlete named Gwen Berry, who is most definitely not me.

I discovered I have a strong Facebook profile, both my personal and professional account. I am linked to a number of music sites including Reverbnation and have a YouTube account. I also discovered I had an existing Twitter account I had long-forgotten about.

I have always considered myself to be a responsible Digital Citizen. (Xin Zhang, 2012). I am acutely aware of the issue of identity theft and make sure the settings on my private Facebook account and any type of internet banking transactions are secure. It is my role as a teacher to ensure my students are aware of the risks and that they become responsible Digital Citizens. I can do this through regular discussion and displaying information around the classroom.


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Xin Zhang. (2012, Jan 11). Be a Digital Citizen. [Video file]. Retrieved from


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