Peer Marking

I was fortunate enough to have my blog reviewed by three peers: Amy Hodgins, Kelly Beardsall and Samantha Barker. I received some positive and useful feedback regarding the layout, design, colour and multiple types of media that were included.

My peers highlighted that I had not included anything about the theoretical underpinnings of each topic.  I went back through each week’s topic and ensured there were references made to the various theories and how they related. However, there were a few topics I found difficult to relate back to theory, so I did not include these.

A few grammatical and punctuation errors were highlighted. This encouraged me to go back over each topic in detail to ensure I had not missed anything. Editing is often difficult when you have been working on a piece of writing over a period of weeks, every so often you can miss minor errors. I decided to send my blog to family members for additional review.

Another piece of feedback received was a lack of teaching strategies related to each topic. I found myself reflecting on how these various topics could be used in a teaching environment, which lead to further research and resulted in many more pins being attached to my Pinterest board for later reference.

Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking by Amy Hodgins

Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking by Kelly Beardsall

Blog_Rubric_Peer_Marking by Sam Barker

tests marked

Self Peer Assessment is a useful document that highlights the benefits of peer assessment, including the opportunity to be an active learner, engage with and work together with other students.


Howell, J. (2012). Teaching with ICT: Digital pedagogies for collaboration and creativity. Oxford University Press: South Melbourne, Australia. (n.d.) Self Peer Assessment. Retrieved from


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