Topic 5 – Digital Information

This week I explored the topic of Digital Information.

The best way to define digital information is to describe how I explained it to my husband, very much a Digital Immigrant (Prensky, 2001):

“Imagine a desk covered in books, a dictionary and thesaurus, papers, magazines, photos, a telephone and facsimile, a writing pad with a cork pinboard above your desk. Then, think of a computer desktop with websites, online libraries and photo libraries, resource and research materials at your fingertips, social media, email, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. They are really one in the same – only everything that was on your desk is now in a digital format on your computer desktop, tablet or phone. It is Digital Information.”

I discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest and created my first board. I have enjoyed the information so much, that I have created a number of other boards and will build on these as time goes by. I have learned that I can pin all sorts of things to my Pinterest board including videos and interesting websites for later reference. Pinterest will be a wonderful resource as a future teacher for the sharing and spreading of ideas and learning in a digital world with other teachers, in this way Pinterest could be considered a type of Community of Practice. Individual classrooms could develop their own Pinterest boards based on a particular subject of interest in conjunction with a learning area.

Relevant to the topic of Digital Information, I located an interesting TED talk entitled “How digital information is changing human nature” provides some further food for thought.


Prensky, M. (2001). Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants. Retrieved from

Tedx Talks. (2014, August 21). How digital information is changing human nature. Rene Barsalo. TEDxHECMontreal. [Video file]. Retrieved from


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